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Great Flat Twist Tutorial Video

13 May

The video below is not from my personal YT channel. It is a flat twist video by Mini Marly on Youtube. If you like the video, be sure to subscribe to her channel.

‘Twist and Shout’…Well, actually just twist :)

20 Oct

Very pretty style using the flat twist method. Watch, enjoy and check out more videos from this youtube subscriber. 



“Flat Twist Bantu”

14 Oct

This evening, while looking at Havana Twist (next style I’m going to try) videos, I found the user “Godzdesign1.” I watched a couple of her videos and I really like the style on the video below. Subscribe to her youtube channel for more from this user. I haven’t had great success with bantu knots but I will try this method sooner than later. Enjoy!


13 May

I have tried more hairstyles in the past three years (since my big chop) than ever before. But surprisingly, I’ve never tried achieving curls through Bantu Knots. I came across the video below via youtube and I really like AFRICANEXPORT‘s hair. I’ll have to try this look once I take down my box braids. Watch, enjoy and please be sure to check out more videos by AFRICANEXPORT on youtube.

I love curls, curls, curls, curls. Curls I do adore!!!

2 Dec

Okay ladies, here are a few videos on how to achieve pretty bouncy curls. These videos/tutorials are not my own, but simply those I have seen online or tried and liked the result. Enjoy!!!

Curling wand tutorials 

Flat iron curl tutorial

Flexi rod tutorials

(for long wavy hair/install)….

(for long straight hair/install)…

*Click the video titles to redirect to YouTube and  subscribe to these ladies.

“YouTubing”: How to style braids, twist, dreads, etc.

10 Jul

I usually wear my Senegalse twist down, to one side, or in a ponytail. Well, this time I’m going to attempt to change it up and try different styles. I’ll post pics (maybe videos, ehhh!) of the styles I try. For now, here are a few videos that feature styles I would like to try. FYI- You may want to mute the 3rd video.



“YouTubing”: How to tie a chic turban with a scarf! (3 different ways)

20 Apr