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“Huxtable” Hair

17 Dec

Remember the oddball middle child on The Cosby Show? Vanessa Huxtable was played by actress Tempestt Bledsoe. In the actress’ younger days on the show, she often wore a single braid to the back or maybe individual braids pulled into a ponytail. However, as Tempestt (and her character Vanessa) became a teenager her natural curls and kinks were on display more often than not. As a young girl watching the show I remember thinking, “what is wrong with that girls hair?!?” But looking back I love that Bledsoe (V. Huxtable)  was able to express herself through creative funky hairstyles. Below are a few “Vanessa styles” as well as more recent photos of Tempestt and her natural curls.

I like this cut



Tracee Ellis Ross on loving YOUR hair

19 Jun


“Hairspiration:” Solange

7 Dec

‘Hair’ she goes again indeed!!!!!!! Sigh!

Ever since I saw this pic of Solange, I’ve had an eye on her (and her hair).

Whether she’s wearing a natural low cut or box braids, Solange does not disappoint. HAIRSPIRATION!!!!

s5 s7

CurlBOX ….(and CBNatural)

28 Sep

A few weeks ago on Facebook, a friend posted her excitement about receiving her “CurlBOX.” CurlBOX? What’s that, you say? Same thing I said.

Well, “CurlBOX IS AN AFFORDABLE, EXCLUSIVE AND EFFORTLESS WAY TO EXPLORE NEW HAIR PRODUCTS. YOU CAN DISCOVER HAND-SELECTED CURLY HAIR PRODUCTS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP EVERY MONTH.” -via http://curlbox.com ….Sounded like a sweet deal to me. So, I went to subscribe but when I got to the site all the subscriptions were sold out. HUH? Luckily for me subscriptions reopened last Saturday and after about 35 refresh hits between my laptop and cell phone, I finally got my subscription.

Well, about 30 minutes later @CurlBOX tweeted that CurlBOX Natural would be available soon. WHAT??? I thought that’s what I just subscribed for. Turns out CurlBOX is for curly-haired ladies but not all products are “all natural.” Thus, CB is offering a one-time natural product box (not a subscription) for members and non members to purchase.  I received the following email and thought I would share the goods. Happy shopping curly ladies!!!!

“Hi Guys!
I just want to check in with you ONE LAST time before curlBOX Natural goes on sale TOMORROW (SATURDAY), September 29th at 3PM EST.
1. This is NOT a subscription.  That means that if you purchase curlBOX Natural, you are buying it outright and will not receive any additional charges in the future.
2. You do NOT need to be a member to purchase curlBOX Natural.  It’s always first come, first serve at curlBOX.
3. Buying a curlBOX Natural DOES NOT make you a curlBOX VIP memeber (if you are not already one).
4. There are 7-9 (possibly more – you know how we love to spoil) hair product samples in curlBOX Natural.
5. You will BUY the box tomorrow ($40) and it will ship the week of October 22nd.
We hope this clears up your questions.  Have a great weekend!
Myleik Teele
myleik teele
founder + ceo, 
facebook.com/curlBOX | @curlBOX”

Wiggin Out!

3 Jun

I’ve been watching the new series for gospel group Mary Mary and I really like it. One of the things that surprised me was that beautiful hair they have under those wigs. I remember when they first came out and Tina was rocking her natural curls and Erica stayed in braids. Now they are constantly switching up their look with different wigs and styles. I guess I just never imagined that their natural hair was so pretty. Hmmmm, I might have to invest in a few wigs myself 😉

Mary Mary Early Years

In their wigs

Tina and Erica wearing their natural hair on Wetv series #MaryMary

Another hair surprise came from Kim Zolciac (of RHOA) when she revealed her natural hair on her show “Don’t be tardy for the wedding.” I haven’t seen her show but I did see a video on Wendy. Kim also has a full head of hair under her wigs. Growing up I guess I always associated wigs with people with little to no hair, older women or for costume. But nowadays wigs, weaves, and extensions are everyday use for women of all ages and hair types.

Kim in her one of her many wigs

Kim’s natural hair (no wig)

TRESemme’ Naturals

19 May

I recently began using TRESemme’ Naturals and I really really like it. I purchased the Sweet Orange and Lemongrass Shampoo and the Aloe Vera and Avocado Conditioner $4.77 each @Walmart. I dilute my shampoos by mixing in a separate bottle  w/water and sometimes apple cider vinegar. I do this because too much shampoo (even sulfate free etc. etc. dries my natural hair). I like this TRESemme’ conditioner because it detangled and loosened my curls very well.

Reminisce… “Same Girl, Natural Hair”

14 Apr

One of my favorite blogs is  http://www.confessionsofaglamaholic.com/. So, I was honored when I was asked to interview for their “Same Girl…Natural Hair” feature this past November. To read the entire interview click the link below. Check me out and follow Confessions. Also for all you ladies constantly changing your hair, make sure to visit http://glamaholiclifestyle.com/ and purchase the “Same Girl Different Hair” shirt.