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Same Girl Different Hair review!!!!

20 Dec

Hiiii, I’m so excited to review my purchase from Same Girl Different Hair. I posted about the launch over a month ago (https://hairshegoesagain.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/mia-ray-same-girl-different-hair/) and I wanted to wear the hair for a while to be able to give an accurate review.

When I received the hair it was brown, comparable to maybe a “#2”. It was actually very close to my natural hair color but since I have been wearing my hair black, I dyed the extensions before they were installed and washed them using Clear Scalp Hair Therapy (a product I received in my Curlbox). The extensions are 18 inch deep wave.



    The packaging was nice and neat and there was even a SGDH t-shirt included. I liked the texture of the hair and I liked that the hair was not thin or too silky, especially since I have very thick hair. I had never worn virgin extensions or wavy hair before SGDH so I was a little concerned because I didn’t know if the two bundles I ordered would be full enough to cover my big head. Well, not only was the hair enough but my stylist had a little left over.

The day after the install my hair was big. I like big hair but I’m talking Sister Act, Sister Mary Clarence big. This was not a mark against the hair itself but all on my part since I blow dried the hair before my install. The website states to let hair air-dry before install but  I was rushing and did not listen. Bad Chenal 😦 So, day two I decided to co wash my hair and let it air-dry this time and baby, the love affair began!!!! Every good thing people have had to say about SGDH is right. A few things I love is that the hair took the dye well, it is very light weight, it is bouncy, it blends well with my non-relaxed hair, it is easy to curl, straighten and maintain.

At night, I put it in a high bun and put on my bonnet or I section it into four sections and braid each section then put on my bonnet. I love how wavy and pretty it is the morning after I braid it. I have worn this hair in it’s natural wave, straightened, curled (by flexi rod) and wavy (by braid). I’m sure results will vary for each individual and a good sew in is all about a good install, healthy hair underneath and proper maintenance but I will definitely purchase Same Girl Different Hair in the future and I highly recommend it.

Visit http://www.samegirldifferenthair.com/ to purchase and visit the ‘FAQ’ page on the site for more information.



Mia Ray: Same Girl Different Hair

9 Nov

Well folks, Ms. Same Girl Different Hair has done it again. This time bringing her customers 100% pure virgin hair. Head over to Confessions and check out the promo for #SGDH!!! The line is set to debut tomorrow with a “double bundle” and “triple bundle” sale. Follow #SGDH’s creator on Twitter and Instagram for updates and sale info. I’m so excited for Ms. Ray. #Salute



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“Hairspiration”: Mia Ray

18 Apr

If it’s true that a persons hair is a reflection of their personality then this weeks “hairspiration” is pretty dope. This chica switches up her hair style so much that she has created a movement, “Same Girl…Different Hair.” Yes, it’s Ms. GlamAholiclifestyle herself, Mia Ray.

Whether she’s shaving hair off, trying new extensions or going blonde, Mia is definitely “hairspiration.” Be sure to stop by http://glamaholiclifestyle.com/ and pick up your Same Girl…Different Hair shirt (and more).