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Grown woman style! Keke Palmer

20 Apr

My first memory of Keke Palmer is the “little girl” from Barbershop 2 with all the attitude. I later fell in love with her as a young actress on Akeelah and the Bee. One thing I always liked about Keke is that she stayed in her lane. So many child stars get caught up in Hollywood life and wild out. Keke must have great people around her because she seems so have remained grounded and when it comes to her style (hair included) she’s always been age appropriate.

Well, Ms. Palmer is all grown up now and she has grown into a beautiful woman.

I recently ran across a picture of her on twitter and oh my goodness. For some reason I’m lovingĀ black hair right now and Keke is working that hair. Best wishes Ms. Palmer, loving the look!!!