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“Hairspiration”: Teyana Taylor

14 Oct


“Hairspiration”: Chrisette Michele

31 May

I’ve been a big fan of her music since 2008 and recently Chrisette Michele’s funky fresh style has caught my attention as well. She’s traded in long tresses for a blonde low top. I follow Chrisette on IG and I love this look on her. She looks as if she has truly come into her own as a woman and an artist. Definitely hairspiration!!!! (s/n: I can’t wait for her album “Better” to drop #Fan)








Hairspiration: Blondes

5 Feb

Last year I had a thing for black hair. So, I dyed my hair black. That was fun. 🙂 Now, I think I have the same fixation with blonde/brown hair. What is up? Maybe I’m excited about spring or something. Who knows!?! Maybe I’ll try a pretty light brown this spring. Below are a few folks whose hair has caught my eye….

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Beyonce, Rihanna and Shateria

“Hairspiration:” Solange

7 Dec

‘Hair’ she goes again indeed!!!!!!! Sigh!

Ever since I saw this pic of Solange, I’ve had an eye on her (and her hair).

Whether she’s wearing a natural low cut or box braids, Solange does not disappoint. HAIRSPIRATION!!!!

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Hairspiration: Gina Torres

29 Jul

You may have seen her in “I Think I Love My Wife,” maybe along side her hubby Laurence Fishburne or in one of her other many tv and movie roles; but every Thursday I watch Gina Torres play the well-dressed, fiery lawyer Jessica Pearson on the USA network series Suits. And I love her thick, naturally curly, full head of hair.

“Hairspiration”: Rihanna

25 Apr

When Rihanna first stepped on the scene I don’t think anyone was checking for that “Pon de replay” hair.

Then the hip rolling Barbadian switched it up and boy o boy did we love it. Kelis may have brought all the boys to the yard but Rihanna sent all the ladies to the salon. When Rihanna cut her hair into that black bob, she started something. And her style and hair have been something to watch ever since.




“Hairspiration”: Mia Ray

18 Apr

If it’s true that a persons hair is a reflection of their personality then this weeks “hairspiration” is pretty dope. This chica switches up her hair style so much that she has created a movement, “Same Girl…Different Hair.” Yes, it’s Ms. GlamAholiclifestyle herself, Mia Ray.

Whether she’s shaving hair off, trying new extensions or going blonde, Mia is definitely “hairspiration.” Be sure to stop by http://glamaholiclifestyle.com/ and pick up your Same Girl…Different Hair shirt (and more).