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“Huxtable” Hair

17 Dec

Remember the oddball middle child on The Cosby Show? Vanessa Huxtable was played by actress Tempestt Bledsoe. In the actress’ younger days on the show, she often wore a single braid to the back or maybe individual braids pulled into a ponytail. However, as Tempestt (and her character Vanessa) became a teenager her natural curls and kinks were on display more often than not. As a young girl watching the show I remember thinking, “what is wrong with that girls hair?!?” But looking back I love that Bledsoe (V. Huxtable)  was able to express herself through creative funky hairstyles. Below are a few “Vanessa styles” as well as more recent photos of Tempestt and her natural curls.

I like this cut



‘Twist and Shout’…Well, actually just twist :)

20 Oct

Very pretty style using the flat twist method. Watch, enjoy and check out more videos from this youtube subscriber. 



“Hairspiration”: Teyana Taylor

14 Oct


Tracee Ellis Ross on loving YOUR hair

19 Jun


GASP! Brandy

31 May

bran1When I saw the above picture on IG, I literally gasped. I think Brandy’s hair has been especially on point lately. Kudos to her team!



13 May

I have tried more hairstyles in the past three years (since my big chop) than ever before. But surprisingly, I’ve never tried achieving curls through Bantu Knots. I came across the video below via youtube and I really like AFRICANEXPORT‘s hair. I’ll have to try this look once I take down my box braids. Watch, enjoy and please be sure to check out more videos by AFRICANEXPORT on youtube.

#SGDH Solange Inspired Curls

7 Jan

Last night I used small flexi rods (red and blue) on my hair to achieve spiral curls. Well, this morning I began to take the rods down and my curls were so tight. This was probably because I set the rods on “damp, not completely dry” hair. ‘Oh well’ I thought. As I stretched the curls, my hair got bigger and…wait, I actually like this. Ha! Solange and her recent big hair came to mind and I ‘fluffed’ away. The pictures do NO justice to how big and beautiful this hair turned out. I LOVE IT!!!! s/o to samegirldifferenthair.com (yup, same install I blogged about a few weeks ago).