CurlBOX ….(and CBNatural)

28 Sep

A few weeks ago on Facebook, a friend posted her excitement about receiving her “CurlBOX.” CurlBOX? What’s that, you say? Same thing I said.

Well, “CurlBOX IS AN AFFORDABLE, EXCLUSIVE AND EFFORTLESS WAY TO EXPLORE NEW HAIR PRODUCTS. YOU CAN DISCOVER HAND-SELECTED CURLY HAIR PRODUCTS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP EVERY MONTH.” -via ….Sounded like a sweet deal to me. So, I went to subscribe but when I got to the site all the subscriptions were sold out. HUH? Luckily for me subscriptions reopened last Saturday and after about 35 refresh hits between my laptop and cell phone, I finally got my subscription.

Well, about 30 minutes later @CurlBOX tweeted that CurlBOX Natural would be available soon. WHAT??? I thought that’s what I just subscribed for. Turns out CurlBOX is for curly-haired ladies but not all products are “all natural.” Thus, CB is offering a one-time natural product box (not a subscription) for members and non members to purchase.  I received the following email and thought I would share the goods. Happy shopping curly ladies!!!!

“Hi Guys!
I just want to check in with you ONE LAST time before curlBOX Natural goes on sale TOMORROW (SATURDAY), September 29th at 3PM EST.
1. This is NOT a subscription.  That means that if you purchase curlBOX Natural, you are buying it outright and will not receive any additional charges in the future.
2. You do NOT need to be a member to purchase curlBOX Natural.  It’s always first come, first serve at curlBOX.
3. Buying a curlBOX Natural DOES NOT make you a curlBOX VIP memeber (if you are not already one).
4. There are 7-9 (possibly more – you know how we love to spoil) hair product samples in curlBOX Natural.
5. You will BUY the box tomorrow ($40) and it will ship the week of October 22nd.
We hope this clears up your questions.  Have a great weekend!
Myleik Teele
myleik teele
founder + ceo, | @curlBOX”

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