“YouTubing”: How to style braids, twist, dreads, etc.

10 Jul

I usually wear my Senegalse twist down, to one side, or in a ponytail. Well, this time I’m going to attempt to change it up and try different styles. I’ll post pics (maybe videos, ehhh!) of the styles I try. For now, here are a few videos that feature styles I would like to try. FYI- You may want to mute the 3rd video.



One Response to ““YouTubing”: How to style braids, twist, dreads, etc.”

  1. dutchie May 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    Hey! Just wanted to say that I loved the videos and the hairstyles, As a young girl with straight blonde hair, I always wanted dark and curly hair so that I could have braided hair like you because I thought that it’s so beautiful, but my mother wouldn’t let me because it would look strange on someone with straight blonde hair (she was probably right) hahahaha! Anyway, it suits YOU really good! xx

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