“T-shirt Method”

19 May

When I first made the decision to grow out my relaxer I asked a few of my “natural” friends about products and the dos and don’ts for relaxer free hair. One of the things I was told is not to towel dry my hair. Towel drying tends to cause frizzy dry hair. I finally decided to try something different. I’d heard of women using t-shirts to dry their hair instead of towels and I must say that I could actually tell the difference. When I used the shirt my hair was less frizzy and seemed to retain more moisture. This method may also work well on relaxed hair (give it a try). You can YouTube “T-shirt Method” -there are several videos. I simply open the t-shirt from the bottom, hold my head down, place the open part on my neck and wrap shirt around to the front (like I would a towel). Goodbye towel drying!

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