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Hair Art!

24 May


The Bob!

19 May

This cut always reminds me of Summer time 🙂 It’s so fun and unlike some cuts that need a specific face type to flatter, I think anyone can wear a “bob.”

Long like Gwyneth, blue like Katy or with bangs like Mary this is a classic hair cut.


19 May

Salt and Pepa hair; the 90’s

“T-shirt Method”

19 May

When I first made the decision to grow out my relaxer I asked a few of my “natural” friends about products and the dos and don’ts for relaxer free hair. One of the things I was told is not to towel dry my hair. Towel drying tends to cause frizzy dry hair. I finally decided to try something different. I’d heard of women using t-shirts to dry their hair instead of towels and I must say that I could actually tell the difference. When I used the shirt my hair was less frizzy and seemed to retain more moisture. This method may also work well on relaxed hair (give it a try). You can YouTube “T-shirt Method” -there are several videos. I simply open the t-shirt from the bottom, hold my head down, place the open part on my neck and wrap shirt around to the front (like I would a towel). Goodbye towel drying!

TRESemme’ Naturals

19 May

I recently began using TRESemme’ Naturals and I really really like it. I purchased the Sweet Orange and Lemongrass Shampoo and the Aloe Vera and Avocado Conditioner $4.77 each @Walmart. I dilute my shampoos by mixing in a separate bottle  w/water and sometimes apple cider vinegar. I do this because too much shampoo (even sulfate free etc. etc. dries my natural hair). I like this TRESemme’ conditioner because it detangled and loosened my curls very well.

Big “Bang” Theory!

10 May

Yes maam, Ashlee Simpson!!! I don’t know why this incredibly simple hairstyle ALWAYS catches my eye. I loved it when I saw it on Keyshia Cole  around 2009 and it’s caught me again. It’s kind of a 3 day old, my curls fell, swept bang, ripped jeans day hair du’. I love it every time!

My Big Chop Video

3 May

Natural hair is nothing new. Heck, weren’t we all born natural?!? Although women have been wearing their hair relaxer free for years, it seems to be a bit of a trending topic these days. #TeamNatural is the coined phrase. Well, whether you’re newly natural, natural since birth or considering transitioning, I’m sure you have heard of the phrase “big chop.”

Big Chop (according to is; To cut all relaxed/chemically treated or heat damaged hair down to the new growth in order to start natural hair journey.

Since this May marks 2 years since my BC, I thought I’d share my video with my readers. This is never before seen footage. HAHA! For those who are not familiar with how this journey began for me, I chose to grow out my relaxer for a few reasons; I loved how straightened hair looked on women with no relaxer, I was curious to see what my natural curl was like and I was in a very interesting place in my personal life and needed to re-learn myself (for lack of a better phrase) and my hair was a part of that learning experience. So, in 2009, after almost 16 years, I made the decision to grow out my relaxer. In May 2010, while teaching in Korea, I “big chopped” and the journey really began. The decision to grow out my relaxer was completely my own but I did not plan on having to cut so much of my hair off. Let me rewind and explain…..

In March 2010 (while in Korea and after 3 months of no relaxer) I decided to get a sew in. I thought that this would be a good way to protect my hair while living overseas. I wore it for 2 months (that’s 5 months total no relaxer) and when I took it out (in May 2010) I did not detangle  my hair. BIG MISTAKE! I began washing my hair and ‘swirling’ it, trying to get a lather (not recognizing that the way I once washed my straight/relaxed hair would not work for this nappy natural 🙂 hair). I had worked my hair into a matted mess. It was a ‘hairtastrophe’ as I like to call it. I thought maybe conditioner would help so after a bottle of conditioner and a few lot of tears I realized that there was no way my hair could be pulled apart with out destroying it even more. The next afternoon, I went to Ashley’s apartment (an already “natural” woman I’d met at orientation) and big chopped.

It was actually a really liberating experience. For so many years my hair was a major part of who I was. Cutting it forced me to realized that, like Ms. India Arie, I am NOT my hair. It’s just hair! I started to think about all I’d been through, overcome, survived, and how amazing God is in my life and almost got mad at myself for even attempting to fuss over some hair.

 My hair right before I moved overseas. This was the shortest I’d ever cut my hair but I was comfortable with this length. 

Below is my never before seen BC video. It’s a little hard to see but my hair was so shrunken and matted by the time I got to her apt. I had pulled a lot of the back out trying to detangle the mess I’d made. It was all bad. Thanks Ash for the support- “You’re gonna appreciate this in a year.” She was right! It’s been two years and I have no regrets!!!


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